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How to build a profitable website?

Building a profitable website can be a daunting task, especially in a competitive online world where your website essentially becomes the face of your business. With so many established websites out there, it’s important to avoid making mistakes that could drive potential customers away. Here are five common pitfalls to steer clear of when building your own website.

Mistake #1:

Having unclear navigation is a big no-no for newer businesses. If visitors can’t easily find what they’re looking for, they may become discouraged and not give your business a fair shot. To avoid this, use simple menu titles such as “Home, About, Services, Blog, Contact.” A horizontal navigational bar menu is also best, as users respond well to this common formatting.

Mistake #2:

Order matters when it comes to your navigation menu. Items that appear first or last on any list are most effective due to the “serial position effect” based on the principles of primacy and recency. Therefore, it’s best to put your most important items at the beginning and end of the navigation, with the least important in the middle. And don’t forget to place “Contact” as the last item on the list, at the far right in a top-level horizontal navigation.

Mistake #3:

Having too many menu items is a common mistake. Short-term memory can only hold seven items, so it’s essential to limit your navigation to five items or less. This helps visitors focus on the most important items and prevents them from scanning past crucial information.

Mistake #4:

Ignoring mobile compatibility is a huge mistake in today’s world where the smartphone is the most common platform for browsing websites. Your website must look and function well on mobile devices, or you risk losing half of your potential market. Ensure your site is compatible with this format to appeal to the mobile-savvy audience.

Mistake #5:

Straying away from proven design tactics and rules can be tempting, but it’s essential to avoid doing so. Certain design elements and rules have been tested over the years and proven to be effective. For instance, your company logo should always be present near the top left corner of the page and should send users back to the home page upon clicking.

In conclusion, building a profitable website requires careful planning and attention to detail. Avoid these five common mistakes to ensure your website is effective in attracting and retaining visitors, subscribers, and customers.

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