We are the leading developer and installer of modern electric vehicle charging systems

Home charging

With user-friendly interfaces and efficient charging capabilities, you can effortlessly charge your vehicle at the comfort of home.

Public stations

Our public station charging systems are designed to meet the growing demand for EV charging infrastructure in public spaces.

Commercial systems

From workplaces to fleet management, we offer scalable charging solutions that can accommodate multiple electric vehicles.

₹ 26 Crore

Daily saving money on fuel

As more individuals and businesses embrace electric cars, the reliance on traditional fossil fuels has reduced, resulting in substantial financial benefits.

1300 electric cars

Sold every day in the world

his impressive figure highlights the increasing popularity and acceptance of electric vehicles as a viable alternative to traditional combustion engine cars.

Get your
points now

Act now and get your charging points installed today! With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, it’s time to embrace the future of transportation.

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Our prestige clients

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Legacy of Electrical Vehicle Charger since 2018 as one of India’s leading Electrical Vehicle Charger companies.

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