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Showcase Your Leadership Brand with Robust Web Design

In today's digital world, staying connected to your customers and prospects is key to taking advantage of new markets and growing your business. An estimated 4.57 billion people worldwide are active Internet users, and statistics show that they constitute 59 percent of the world's population. In this online community, 53 percent of people do research before connecting to a brand to make sure they make the right decision.

A study by Episerver found that 92 per cent of consumers visit the brand's website for a variety of purposes other than shopping. These include product / service research, comparative purchasing and business review. This data proves that consumers are not buying on impulse.

It is very reasonable for online shoppers to evaluate and compare brands to find the best possible offers, prices and features in view of the vast global market.

You automatically miss the opportunity to popularize your brand and keep in touch with your target audience without a web presence. Get market context and build customer confidence with interactive, custom web page design.

Superior Web Design
Represents Your Company and Grows Your Business

Creating a website and waiting for customers to visit your brand does not mean creating a digital presence. Your website is the online foundation of your company. It serves as your primary customer touchpoint and conversion machine. Because of this, you need to make sure that it is relevant to your visitors' intentions, different from digital competition, and that it ranks higher in search engines.

Statistics show that website design and navigation affect 94 percent of first impressions. Search engines also prefer websites with responsive web design and well-structured web content. What's more, 75 percent of site reliability comes from web page design.

As a business owner it is important that you maintain a responsive website design to attract search engines and online users. You need to make sure that your legitimate business platform is visible to your target customers when your company is searched online. Otherwise, you will discourage your potential clients from engaging with your brand and you risk losing the trust of your potential clients.

Schedule a consultation with our website design agency today and let us help you build a web page design that drives qualified traffic and increases your conversion rate.

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Why Your Business Needs
Responsive Web Design Services

Future-Proof Your Website and Increase Your Mobile Traffic

Are you still on the fence about building your website or optimizing your existing website design? It doesn't matter if you own a startup or a large enterprise, you need responsive website design to be able to promote your brand and build strong digital footprint in this competitive marketplace.

Many businesses today have embraced responsive web design to get more page visitors and increase their conversion opportunities. Despite the growing popularity of responsive web design, however, many companies still settle for static web page design without moving to responsive web design. Don't fall behind in this online competition. Give your target customers the best online experience possible by taking full advantage of personalized web design services.

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The study shows that there are approximately 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide. An eMarketer survey found that adults in India spend an average of 2 hours and 55 minutes a day on their mobile devices. Mobile usage has increased in different locations and age groups. With this growing scope, it is imperative that you optimize your existing web design for a wide range of Internet users.

Competitive Advantages of
Responsive Web Design

Today a set of different screen sizes exists on all devices. Therefore, it is important that you have a web page design that can match any screen size today or in the future. You can be absolutely sure that your website responds to the capabilities and needs of the devices your customers are using with a responsive website design.

Here are more reasons Galaxy Design Studio's web design services are worth your investment:


Site speed, usability, and web content are all recognized by search engines as a measure of a website's value index. Responsive web design as well as SEO-optimized websites grow in search engine branded and unbranded searches. With the help of our WordPress Website Design Company, you can be sure that your site adheres to search engine guidelines and at the same time achieves good scores.


One of the most profitable ways to build your web presence and increase your online exposure is to invest in conversion-focused web design services. If the website is well optimized then it always gets more online visibility and also attracts the right people. Partner with our web design agency and make sure your business is visible to your ideal clients at the right time as well as using any device and browser.


Mobile web browsing has overtaken the desktop as internet users have opted for mobile as the best option for web browsing. Data from ComScore shows that most of the digital media time in India is spent on smartphones, which accounts for 70% of the total digital media time. By investing in our WordPress website design services you can achieve a responsive website that will provide a positive experience to online users regardless of device.


Six out of 10 shoppers indicate that a website's mobile purchasing power is crucial to brand choice. Responsive website design is essential for online success as 30 percent of Google searches are done from mobile phones. Our custom web design services are designed to give your page visitors a positive and engaging mobile experience.


In responsive website design you only need one version of your website that is optimized for all devices. This eliminates the need for separate coding and extra time consuming processes for different systems and helps streamline your site development and management. More importantly, the process of mobile responsive web page design greatly reduces your web development and maintenance costs.


According to an eMarketer report, 69 percent of consumers use their smartphones for product research. The same population accounts for 52.6 per cent of global web traffic coming from their mobile devices. Our web design company optimizes your website for mobile and browser compatibility by placing a trust signal on your website and converting it into a lead generation machine.


The global retail conversion rate for mobile devices is 1.82 percent, according to Smart Insights. If you want to increase your site's mobile-friendliness and conversion rate, capitalize on WordPress web design services. Not only is Responsive Web Design useful in getting your customers to the sales funnel, it also complements the social media marketing campaigns and pay-per-click advertising campaigns you conduct for your brand.


Enhanced user experience is essential to improve brand image and increase online trust. If you have a responsive web page design, you don't need to worry about the readability and navigability of your website. Our WordPress web design services build and strengthen your business identity by designing user friendly sites.

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Our Website Design Pricing

We'll build a template website
  • 1 Hour Brainstorm
  • Customization of Website
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Social Media Integration
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Contact Form
  • 2 Rounds of Revisions
For Example:
  • 3 Page Site ₹6,500
    (₹500 per additional website page)
  • 5 Page Site ₹7,500
    (₹500 per additional website page)
  • 10 Page Site ₹10,000
    (₹500 per additional website page)
  • Silver
    We'll build a customized website
    • 1 Hour Brainstorm
    • Basic Dynamic Site
    • Customization of Website
    • Mobile Responsive
    • Social Media Integration
    • Google Maps Integration
    • Contact Form
    For Example:
  • 3 Page Site ₹8,500
    (₹500 per additional website page)
  • 5 Page Site ₹9,500
    (₹500 per additional website page)
  • 10 Page Site ₹12,000
    (₹500 per additional website page)
  • Gold
    We'll build a website from scratch
    • 1 Hour Brainstorm
    • Fully Dynamic Site
    • Customized WP Theme
    • Mobile Responsive
    • Social Media Integration
    • Contact Form
    • 2 Rounds of Revisions
    For Example:
  • 3 Page Site ₹11,500
    (₹500 per additional website page)
  • 5 Page Site ₹12,500
    (₹500 per additional website page)
  • 10 Page Site ₹15,000
    (₹500 per additional website page)
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